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Peace Grove

Female Face Sculpture Ceramic Vase

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The sculpture vase is made of glazed ceramic material, and the smooth surface looks textured. Using the color glaze process, place a bouquet of dried flowers or flowers, and it will become an eye-catching focal point. This simple and elegant retro human body art vase is a creative statue female head design with exquisite lines with great visual effects. It adds artistic flavor to the interior, office, and bedroom. The vase with proper sizing can hold succulents or some small plants and flowers. Please check the size before purchase.

The ceramic vase can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a plant pot, gardening prop, indoor/outdoor flower pot, vase, home decor, or even a makeup brush holder to add a charming and classic touch, which can be matched with any interior decor.

Material: ceramic

Color: white

Size: 6.5*13.5*12 cm (Small), 18*15*9 cm (Large)