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Peace Grove

Nordic Beech Wooden Chopping Block

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Solid wood products are made of logs, and the texture of each piece is different. There will be color differences, spots, etc, which will not affect the use. The wood products can be washed, not soaked, and then wiped dry with a rag after each use. We use the latest and the most innovative technology of wood processing to create the best chopping block on the market today.  We are proud to say that we created these Chopping blocks with unique non-absorbing surfaces that have made our product long-lasting.

100% SAFE: Kitchen cutting boards are made from high-quality, top-grade, eco-friendly bamboo trees. Our product is 100% BPA-free and doesn't contain any chemicals or toxic elements. The safety of our clients is our top priority and all of our products are made from completely natural and organic Beech that makes our product the best option for your healthy cooking.

Material: Beech

Size B: 39*18.5*2cm

Size C: 32.5*24.5*2cm